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HI I’m Bob Norman, Jr., ND

Dr. Bob is a veteran of the US Army, and retired from a highly decorated, 20 year career in law enforcement. After retiring, he went back to school to earn his doctorate, and began a quest to combine his love of helping people, and his passion for natural wellness/fitness. Although he offers many wellness options, the main focus of his wellness practice has become CBD. Dr.Bob has partnered with the best in the business, and is committed to providing his clients with the highest quality, purest, third party lab tested, THC free products on the market. CBD is truly changing people's lives. 




What Our Customers Are Saying!

Pam R. (Peters Twp PA)
“This oil has been a life changer for me. I have a very rare disease, and had to endure six months of chemotherapy in 2016. Since then, I began having severe neuropathy pain, in my legs only. It hurt to touch them, to the point where I wanted to cry just putting lotion on my legs. When my doctors would check for excess fluid buildup in them, I would practically jump off the table, it hurt so badly and tears welled up in my eyes. A friend told me how CBD Oil was helping her with migraines, and suggested I try it too. Quite honestly I was skeptical...and figured I would ask my oncologist and my heart failure cardiologist. They both said yes, and my cardiologist told me he has his own mother taking it for arthritis pain. I contacted Dr. Bob, and had a bottle sent. I'm amazed at the difference in my legs, most days there is NO PAIN! It has been a God send product for me. I'm hoping for other changes in my body as well, that some of the damage from my AL Amyloidosis will lessen, but for now, I'm truly amazed by this oil.”
Linda D. (Clarksburg WV)
I’ve been using CBD oil from Dr. Bob, for a few months now, and I can’t believe its miraculous benefits. I’ve suffered from fibromyalgia and arthritis for years. I also have autoimmune issues and horrible anxiety! My pain level has gone from a 10 to a 4. I still have s a little, but nothing like the excruciating pain I had lived with for years. I sparingly took OTC meds, and when the pain got really bad, I had to rely on them, although I was very aware of the horrible effects these drugs have on my body. My anxiety level amazingly decreased! CBD oil is a relaxing compound and its effects are quick because of its sublingual absorption, it’s gets into the bloodstream quickly. I also have tinnitus and have even notice some relief from its symptoms as well. This is an amazing gift from God, that I don’t think big pharmaceutical companies want you to know about. If you’re having issues, whether it’s pain, depression or anxiety, you should reach out to Dr. Bob and give CBD oil a try. It may change your life, as it did mine!
Jeff S. (Grafton, WV)
I originally purchased a 1500mg CBD oil from Dr. Bob for lower back pain, anxiety and chronic migraines. I have been faithfully taking 1 serving nightly, for the last 5 months and my anxiety and migraines have disappeared. My lower back pain is also much improved. I value Dr. Bob and his CBD oil, and highly recommend them. They have definitely made a difference in my life.
Elissa (Grafton WV)
I have to tell you what a difference, Dr. Bob and his CBD oil have made in my life. I use the 1500mg bottle. My overall stress level has improved and my anxiety is gone! The arthritis pain in my knees has been significantly reduced and I am walking stairs with no fear, and with ease. I LOVE this product! I am truly grateful that I met Dr. Bob, and listened to what he had to say. D. Bob, and CBD oil have made a major difference in my ability to walk normally again.
Lisa G. (Washington, PA)
I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 7 years ago, The doctors tried many different medications to help ease my pain. I also have type 2 diabetes. My kidney function isn’t the greatest, so I couldn’t take NSAIDS. My liver functions were up as well, so I couldn’t take Tylenol, or a lot of the other pain meds. The pain was affecting my ability to do my job, my personal life, and my family life. A very dear friend of mine suggested I reach out to Dr. Bob and try his CBD oil. I had tried some of the cheaper oils before, but they didn’t help at all! There are so many filler ingredients in them, but Dr. Bob’s CBD oils are pure and contain only 2 ingredients, so I decided to give it a try. I contacted Dr. Bob, and he met with me two days later. He answered all my questions, and was very kind and helpful to me. I have taken it every day now for 2-3 months, and it has helped me tremendously! Even other people have noticed a huge difference in me. They can tell that I’m not in as much pain and my overall mood is much better as a result. I do have some pain, but it is greatly decreased and is much more manageable. I will recommend Dr. Bob’s CBD oil to anyone! He also cares about his clients. He has educated me, and followed up numerous times. This has been a life changer for me!!! Thank you Dr. Bob!!!
Beth A., Morgantown, WV
Dr Bob " Thank you for working with me. And helping me improve my quality of life. For years I've suffered with chronic pain. I have doctored with pain clinics that wanted to push narcotics. That did not help me and I was afraid I would get addicted to, they were not worried about getting rid of the pain just pushing the medication. So I stopped going. So for years I suffered with pain.I have neuropathy,diabetes ,seizure disorder,and and auto immune disease. Many days are just rough getting out of bed. I have only been taking the CBD for a month and have seen a big difference already with your help adjusting the dosage. I have been much more mobile. And having so much more fun with my grandchildren . And I also lost 4 pounds just being more active. And I also love the CBD cream for joint pain. Thank you so much I am writing this in tears of happiness"